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Hydraulics Hand-Pumps

The hand-pumps of the GL-series are manufactured on most modern CNC-machines and by using accurately selected raw materials. The production in large series and the highest quality controls confirm them on the highest world level for products of this type of construction. Their application is in various fields: as emergency or auxiliary pump in mobile or industrial hydraulics; as main pump in the high pressure technology for: material testing; hoisting; leveling; block-technology; cutting machines; presses, etc. Our hand-pumps work only with hydraulic oil.

Air Hydraulic Pumps

Air-hydraulic pumps use compressed air of normal compressors to command a hydraulic piston according to the principle of multiplication of pressure. Acting on the foot pedal (or the manual remote control) out of the low air pressure there is obtained a very high hydraulic pressure in an extremely short period of time. Pumps of this kind are therefore preferred in blocking systems of machine tools and presses. While the manual hand-pumps require quite big human force in order to reach high pressures, with the air-hydraulic pumps the same high pressures are obtained rapidly by just using the air pressure of standard commercial air compressors also of low capacity.


Manufacturing of pumps for industrial, agricultural, hospital, military and building use.


Pumps - manufacturers; Oil hydraulic equipment; Mechanical engineering & processing - high precision

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